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IOdesk is an online help desk software powered by AI, supercharging your customer support and client relations.

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Help your customers, help themselves

Three out of four people want to solve issues on their own.

IOdesk provides all the tools you need to interact with and help your customers. With our self-service oriented AI-powered chat, contact forms and mail, your customers no longer have to wait for an employee to receive the help they need.

And when they need help from you, just pop on over to the fully featured ticket handling system!

screenshot iodesk help desk


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Live chat with self service

IOdesk offers a live chat widget you can with one line of code add to your own site.

The chat comes with AI-support, meaning our AI chatbot Lydia will help the customer directly or pin down the problem before you take over the conversation.

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Shared mail inbox

Waking up every day to a full inbox? Or support tickets spread out over several employee inboxes? With IOdesk you can gather all incoming e-mails from customers in one place.

With our optional AI-support, an instant answer to a question a customer asks can also be sent out to start solving the problem right away.

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Connecting you with customers

IOdesk offers multiple connections to 3rd party apps and our own widgets such as: contact forms, live chat, self-service widget, FAQ, knowledge database site and more.

So you can be available at all times where your customers are hanging out.

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Knowledge databases

Gather all of your knowledge in one place! Set up knowledge databases that agents, your customers and our AI can use to answer questions.

You also get widgets for adding FAQs to your own site. And also a site provided by IOdesk where your customers can search for answers.

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Lydia our AI, helping you out

Our AI, Lydia, will act like your new super employee! Lydia helps your customers by speaking to them, analyzing their questions and giving them answers based on what she has learned through earlier support tickets.

Read more about LydiaAI

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Easy to get started!

The best thing about all this, it's super easy to get started! Just sign up, try IOdesk for free for 14-days and enjoy spending less time on questions customers can now through self-service answer themselves!

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Graphic Powers handling their support with IOdesk



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Graphic Powers AB is a Sweden based software company developing applications for the graphics industry. The company has customers all over the world and across all time zones.

Graphic Powers were in need of a support system able to answer questions from their customers 24/7. "When IOdesk presented their solution to us, we didn't doubt for a minute to start using it"

"The built-in AI agent Lydia helps our customers to quickly find the answer of frequently asked questions, without us having to take any action. IOdesk helps us daily by gathering all support tickets in one system, and handling a good portion of it automatically" - Mats Löfberg, CEO

Mats also says that due to always being available through the AI, customer satisfaction has increased and that this is both due to customers getting answers instantly, and that they now have more time for answering more complicated questions more thoroughly.

"We have not for a second regretted that we started using IOdesk!" - Mats Löfberg, CEO

The tools for awesome customer support

Made for humans

There are a lot of ticket systems out there, and the majority of them either have a high learning curve or are just too expensive. We have made IOdesk so easy to implement, you will be up and running in minutes!

AI for handling repetitive questions

Our AI, Lydia, will act like your new super employee! Lydia helps your customers by speaking to them, analyzing their questions and giving them answers based on what she has learned through earlier support tickets.

Multilingual AI

Other solutions today often only provide automated help for English-speaking customers. We are here to change that.

Regardless of what language your customer may speak, Lydia can interact with them in their own language! Be it English, Swedish, Japanese, German... or even Klingon. Yup, we said Klingon.

No hidden costs

We have made it simple when picking a package. Based on the size of your company, pick a package that suits you and that's it! No confusing pricing tiers or features locked behind paywalls.

With IOdesk, you get all the amazing functionality, all the time.

We IOdesk!





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Made in Sweden

We are a Swedish company situated in Skövde, somewhere in between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our passion is building solutions for a better and more human digital communication using state-of-the-art technology!

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