What are agents?

The people working inside IOdesk to help customer are what we refer to as agents. Agents are always part of a company and can be a part of one or more teams. They are also the ones that opens tickets, answers them and solves them.

Agents have full access to most features in IOdesk, except the settings that influence the whole application, like billing information, company information, setup and modification of modules and such.


Company admin

The highest level of access in IOdesk is Company Admin. This person manages the settings for the whole company, the creation of agents, teams and modules - to sum it up, the business critical information.



Teams are a smart way to divide agents into in a company with several agents. For example you might have some agents that specializes in billing questions, others in tech questions and so on.

This means that when tickets are created (a customer asks a question) the ticket ends up in a team that has the right competence to solve it!