How does it work?

The knowledge database (or databases since you can have multiple if you so wish) is what IOdesk works with to provide automated customer support all year around, 24/7!

The way it works is agents write what we call ‘answers’ in it, these can contain text, images and videos, whatever you need to answer a question. This is then presented when a customer asks a question that matches the article.

So let’s give an example of how it works!

Agent Robert writes an answer in the knowledge database to the question “What are your opening hours?”

The answer would looks something like this:

Title - What are your opening hours
Answer: Our opening hours are 7AM - 17PM, monday to friday (and a nice little image added of the business HQ)

This knowledge database answer can now be used for all modules and in the ticket system. If we take the ticket system first, when a ticket comes in with this question an agent can select this answer and send it out directly to the customer instead of having to manually type it each time.

If we take the chat which is Lydia's primary home, she will upon receiving the question “when are you open” or the like, through having learned the contents of the answer present the correct answer, in this case the pre-defined answer “What are your opening hours” directly to the customer in the chat, thus solving the ticket instantly!

The same thing goes for when a customer contacts you through a contact form where you have activated AI-support. The customer will after sending the question receive an automated mail where the answer is suggested as the probable answer to the customers question.


Multiple knowledge databases

IOdesk provides the tools for creating multiple knowledge databases as well! This means that you for example won’t have to create multiple accounts if you have several sites or perhaps you wish one chat module on a part of your site to work with one knowledge database and another module with another knowledge database.

This also means that you can have a public knowledge database and an internal one if you wish.